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Category: Poem

What Do I Know?

So many people seem to know so many things. I often feel that I know things as well. Yet, in the midst of what seems like senseless tragedy, I realize there is so much I don’t know. I only know that my heart grieves for the people personally affected by the dark brokenness of our world. And I only hope that, in the darkness, we will be able to see glimmers of light shining through as the future unfolds.

In the Wake of the Most Recent Mass Shooting in the U.S.

I don’t know the people involved,
the facts or the details,
the reason or rationale;

I don’t know the terror or the trauma
caused by the sights and sounds
of being physically present;

I don’t know the cause or the cure,
the problem or impulsion,
the road in or the way out;

I don’t know what it takes
for revulsion to become action
or how to heal a sick and hating heart;

I don’t know the grief of the friends and family
of those who were murdered or wounded
or related to the shooter;

I don’t know what could have been done
or what needs to be done
to avert or prevent;

I only know the heartbreak of looking on,
not knowing how to stay silent
in the realization that it probably won’t be long
before it happens again.
I only know I must continue to hope….

Terri Skuce
© June 16, 2016