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The Christmas Story

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here is this year’s Christmas poem.  My gift to you.  Feel free to share.


The Christmas Story

The streets around my neighbourhood
were decorated, glowing bright;
I noticed things were looking good,
particularly on this night.

A twosome walking through the snow,
a young man with his pregnant wife,
reminded me of long ago.
I saw a story come to life.

A couple with nowhere to stay,
the woman ready to give birth,
a lowly manger filled with hay,
the baby bringing hope to earth.

The shepherds hearing angels sing,
a bright star over Bethlehem,
the wise men searching for a king,
bringing priceless gifts with them.

I thought of how we celebrate,
the songs we sing, the gifts exchanged,
the symbols used to decorate
and how the story hasn’t changed.

It’s of the hope of Christmas day,
of everything we’re dreaming of,
the joy and peace to come our way,
a story of unending love.

Terri Skuce
© December 17, 2017

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