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Dreamer – A Collection of Poems and Dreams by Terri Skuce


This book is available in Ottawa at:
      Octopus Books (Third at Bank)
      Books on Beechwood
      Singing Pebble Books

as well as on-line at various sites including:


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  1. Judith H.

    Bravo, Terri. Your soul shines through in every poem and you have wisdom and insight to share with your readers. It was lovely to read these poems and to be able to hear your voice speaking to me as if you were sitting beside me. In some poems, there is suffering, but it is eased by resilience, honesty and gratitude for all that is good. Your poetry shines a light on all the good in the world despite the pain. Congratulations on your first book and keep on writing!

  2. Bev Sarafin

    In Dreamer A Collection of Poems and Dreams , Terri Skuce begins and ends her anthology with narrated dreams. These dreams hold profound meaning for the writer; and become perfect bookends which add reflection to the prose held between them. The poems are wide-ranging in subject and tone, from poking fun at weather forecasters to being resilient in the face of difficulty. Pet lovers will cry at Pantoum for a Beloved Pet or smile at the happy ending in Smokey. Skuce understands the discipline of a runner, yet admits she’d rather stay in bed! And being an honest writer she recounts the struggles surrounding unfinished work, deadlines and the elusiveness of trying to put to pen the cravings within her soul. Then there is The Storyteller, a poem which beautifully reveals how the wise, aged storyteller comes to be. I especially liked how Skuce used two poems to ask, and answer, the question of a lover, Would you again go through life with me if I asked you to? I tried to pick a favourite poem, but found it impossible because of the wonderful range of subjects and styles Skuce presented. I liked this book so much I purchased copies as gifts and encourage others to do so.

  3. Wendy Diotte

    Terri’s book Dreamer brings you on a spiritual and emotional journey of her life, with added humour to brighten your day or evening. A must to have on your bedside table.

  4. Linda Sprunt

    As a retired bookseller, Terri’s book is one that I would definitely have stocked on my shelves. She has the beautiful gift of being able to share everyday situations through poetry and musings ~ making you feel like you’re seeing what she’s experiencing. Her prose is probably my favorite style and it was a great idea to give the reader a “lesson” in different types of poetry. I feel inspired to put a bit of my own thoughts on paper using some of Terri’s insights. This is a book I would recommend without hesitation to anyone who loves the written word.

  5. Judith MacKenzie-Castell

    Terri’s poems brought to life my own experiences and values. Practically on each page, I found myself deeply reliving my life. I applaud her touching and enlightening works.

  6. Colleen McRae

    Terri Skuce’s depth of understanding of the human soul is beyond comprehension. The deepness of her words resonate with experiences that most of us have lived through. Whenever I feel the need for solace, peace, harmony and joy, her book remains, and will always remain, my constant companion. Thank you Terri Skuce for this wonderful book.

  7. M Taylor

    Terri’s poems seem quite unassuming at the beginning, but each one packs a powerful punchline and leaves you with a message worth thinking about.

  8. Pat Harrison

    I have just finished your book “Dreamer”. An excellent collection of varied types of poetry and topics of poems with the common thread of everyone’s dreams are special to them. It was great to add the different types of poetry as over the years I had forgotten that there are so many forms of poetry. Keep dreaming…

  9. Laurie Jenkins

    Thank you so much for this lovely book of dreams and poetry. I especially am impressed with the clarity of your memories of your dreams. I generally awake with only the sense that I’ve been dreaming and any memory quickly flies away. I will be sharing this collection with my children and grandkids as there are many inspirational passages, “Resilience” comes to mind as does “I Run”. “Sweet Jesus” is such an honest and touching piece. I, also, loved the review of varying poetry forms.

  10. Catherine Jackson

    Thank you for this inspiring collection of poems. Some of them gave me shivers, some brought tears to my eyes and others made me laugh. It even educated me on different types of poetry. A successful project, I would say.

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