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Category: Poem

Happy Birthday Canada!

Happy Birthday Canada!

On the first of July
when I search in the sky
and find our flag fluttering high,
I feel truly amazed
I was blessed to be raised
in a country so mightily praised.

We have beautiful seas,
rivers, mountains and trees,
and our eyes feast on landscapes that please.
We live quality lives
in a culture that strives
to ensure our society thrives.

In wide open places,
or tight city spaces,
we’re people of multiple races
and the tourists will find,
as our voices are kind,
we appear quite polite and refined.

Yet we will say out loud
we’re contented and proud
that our country’s so richly endowed
and give thanks for the way
that we live, work and play
as we celebrate Canada Day.

Terri Skuce
©  July 1, 2016