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Spiritual Care Visiting

When I am not writing, one of the things you’ll find me doing is teaching courses and giving workshops related to spiritual care visiting.  I have been a member of the Ottawa Pastoral Care Training Program as a board member and course facilitator for the past 10 years.  If you’re interested in learning more about that program, the website is

Last Tuesday night, I finished up a Basic Course in Arnprior (a lovely little community outside of Ottawa).  The course participants were such a wonderful inspiring group of caring individuals that I felt compelled to write a poem for them.  This poem encapsulates much of what we covered in the course.  It is being published in my book Landscapes, which will be released next month.

Spiritual Care Visiting

Can I weep with those who weep
without drowning in their tears?
Can I listen unafraid
as I hear a person’s fears?

For someone who is lonely,
can I brighten up the day
or sit in gentle silence
when I don’t know what to say?

When there’s been a tragic loss
can I show I really care
by listening to feelings
that a person needs to share?

Can I set myself aside
and put my concerns on hold,
being there for someone else
with whatever might unfold?

Can I give a heartfelt hug
though it won’t cure inner pain
while saying I’ll be praying
and that I’ll come back again?

Terri Skuce
© October 18, 2016

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