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Category: Writing

Social Media Stuff

Seems I’m failing miserably at having a social media presence….  The last time I made a blog posting was on November 20, 2016.  It looks like I haven’t logged into Goodreads since August 2016.  The small and infrequent smattering of posts on my Facebook author page looks rather dismal.  With Youtube, I haven’t gotten beyond thinking about making an audio poem or two.  Joining Twitter in October of 2016 – on World Poetry day – caused me to make 2 tweets.  I deleted my Pintrest account last year, don’t even know what Tumblr is, haven’t joined Instagram and don’t want to bother all my friends with spam from Linked In.

I know that social media is an important tool for a writer to use in marketing his or her work… that social media increases exposure which can translate into a growth in sales.  I also know these facts:  poetry is not a big seller, I am an introvert and not motivated by fame or sales, I have only so much time and energy, and I have no funds for hiring someone to do publicity.

It seems I’d just rather write, think about writing and read about writing than market my writing.  So, here’s an unlikely proposition… if anyone out there is interested in doing the marketing work for a portion of the royalties, feel free to message me with your ideas of what that might look like.

For now, back to writing….