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Now Let Me See… Where Was I?

Well… let’s jump right back in with a confession. This dreamer sometimes has grand aspirations fuelled by a leap of inspiration and then a dwindling amount follow-through. In my defense, however, that is not normally the case. Good intentions to post here regularly were inadvertently sidetracked.

It has been quite an unusual year – in many different ways. It began, a year ago at this time, with publishing my first book – Dreamer. I had naively thought life might settle down a bit after the busy time leading up to the book coming out, yet it didn’t take very long to discover that the act of publishing then brings with it the realization that spending some time and energy working on marketing might be a wise thing to do. So there I was, in the midst of enjoying another learning curve and dabbling in many different aspects related to writing and publishing, when a my spouse was beset with health problems that took many months to work through. This year, life took us on a bit of a detour, though I have to admit that it was only a detour because it didn’t fit in with the plans I had made. In actual fact, life just happened – and because I’m the sort of person who has a tendency to be deluded by the notion that I sometimes have control over what happens in life, it felt like a detour.

I’m happy to report that my dear husband is now well on the way to getting back to his usual self and this is a relief to both of us. We are beginning to resume our normal activities – just in time for Christmas! What a great gift!

Now I’m back. Not that I stopped writing during the past few months, but I have set much of that writing aside to revisit at a future time. A writer writes what they know about. And what I knew about for a few months was quite dark at times – thoughts about life and death, and death and beyond…. Now I’m back from that dark place and am feeling refreshed.

For the time being, I’m not making any plans or promises beyond this… I do hope to be posting more often next year than I did this past year. I will write about writing and publishing and whatever else I think might be of interest. Stay tuned for more.

It’s great to be back!

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