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Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is a day to express love, to receive love, to think about love…. Many people will celebrate with loved ones, many will not. Many people will feel loved, many will not. Those who have loved ones may be the ones who don’t feel loved, those who are alone may feel very loved. This life is sometimes strange and confusing. I wish everyone could feel loved.

I wish I would always always feel secure in the love that others feel for me. Sometimes that just isn’t the case – there are times I can feel unloved even when I am surrounded by people who love me. At times like these, I realize that it is I who have moved away from love rather than towards it. So today, on this Valentine’s Day, let’s all move towards love and share it with all we come into contact with.

Today, I will do a book signing event in Mount Dora, Florida. It will be a sunny day, yet it will be a cool day. It will be a great day for all the people who will come to the touristy little town to wander around the shops. Perhaps some of those people will wander into the book store where my signing event is taking place and I will have an opportunity to share love with them.

Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Patricia Hunter

    I cannot think of a more wonderful and special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than a book signing for “Dreamer”. Enjoy every second of it my friend!
    Namasté, Pat

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