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Christmas Poems

I just love a good Christmas poem! I love the way a poem can get inside my chest and create such warm, fuzzy feelings that I feel I’ve been well hugged. I often listen to Christmas songs for the poem in them and marvel at how putting lovely music to a good rhythm and rhyme can transform it into something that can transport me to another realm of reality for the duration of the song.

Every year, I put some time and effort into crafting a Christmas poem. Often, as I work on my poem, I think about all the Christmas poems and songs out there and wonder if it’s possible to come up with some way of expressing all the same lovely sentiments in a way that is somehow different, new or fresh. This is a challenge. I may sometimes write for days or weeks – a stream of my thoughts and feelings about Christmas – before an idea for a poem finally comes to mind. When the poem is finished, I’m usually not entirely satisfied with the poem itself (always thinking it could be better) but I am happy that it’s been written and am pleased to present it as a gift to my friends.

I offer up this year’s poem to you with warm wishes for a Merry Christmas.


Christmas Wish

My wish for you this Christmas…
… is starlight in the skies
that shines so bright and beautiful
it captivates your eyes;

… is music everywhere you are,
such sweetness to your ears
that you can’t help but sing along
and blink away some tears;

… is many warm and heartfelt hugs
wherever you may go
so filled with love and gratitude
from everyone you know;

… is good times shared with those you love
for pure enjoyment’s sake,
with laughter bubbling from so deep
it makes your belly ache;

… is gifts, both given and received,
are those that can’t be bought
and cause emotions to be moved
at someone’s special thought;

but most of all, my deepest wish
is blessings from above
remind you of the miracles
of peace on earth and love.

Terri Skuce
© December 15, 2015

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